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What we do - asthma service


What we do

We provide a comprehensive asthma service for children and young people both within Bristol and regionally, where we provide a problematic severe asthma service for the South West. We specialise in the treatment of asthma and preschool wheeze (sometimes referred to as multi-trigger wheeze or viral induced wheeze, depending upon the triggers for the wheezing).

We provide support during ward admissions and help with self-management in the outpatient setting. We can advise about choosing and taking medications as well as about how to cope with asthma at home and at school. We offer a range of lung function tests and are able to assess the need for biologic therapies for severe asthma.

Our Team

Our team of doctors and nurses have experience in managing wheeze in preschool and school-aged children, including those with problematic severe asthma. We also have expertise in recognising other respiratory conditions which are sometimes confused with or occur alongside asthma. We have close links to the Children's Allergy service and work alongside colleagues in Ear nose and throat surgery, Speech and language, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy.

We offer the following clinics:

  • Weekly wheeze and asthma clinics
  • Monthly problematic severe asthma clinic
  • Monthly transfer to adult care clinics for young people transferring to primary care or an adult asthma service
  • Fortnightly nurse-led rapid response video clinics
  • Specialist nurse consultant support in primary care
  • Support for primary care via an advice and guidance service