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About the Research and Education Centre:


If I am going to an appointment at the Research and Education Centre, does that mean I will be part of a research programme?


The Bristol Eye Hospital is using one of the rooms in the Research and Education Centre because we needed more space. The appointment will be just the same as it would be in any of the Bristol Eye Hospital buildings. We are only concerned with monitoring and treating your eye condition.

We will only be using an area on the second floor of the building, which has been set up especially for these appointments. All other floors in the Education Centre will continue to be used as normal - to deliver education and training for our staff.


How do I get to the Research and Education Centre?

The Research and Education Centre is very near the main Bristol Eye Hospital, just round the corner opposite the main Bristol Royal Infirmary building. There will be a map in your appointment letter that shows you where to go.

The nearest transport links are:

  • Bus station
  • Temple Meads train station
  • Above and Beyond free bus stop (which is actually closer to the Research and Education Centre than the main Bristol Eye Hospital site)
  • Taxi stop (the same stop that is used for all hospital appointments, just across the road from the Research and Education Centre by the pedestrian crossing.

If you are using the official Patient Transport service, they know where to come and they will bring you into the building and up to reception on Level 2 for your appointment.


Is catering available in the Education Centre?


There are cafes very nearby on both sides of the road, outside the main entrance to the Research and Education Centre on Marlborough Street.

If you have diabetes, please ensure you come prepared as you would for any usual trip out.

Your appointment will last between 30 - 45 mins on average. However, this service has been designed to ensure your visit is significantly shorter than you may be used to. We anticipate that you will not be with us for more than 1 hour in total.


About the appointments at the diagnostic assessment hub:


Why have I waited so long for this appointment?

As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS has been adapting the way it offers appointments so that we can continue to deliver care safely and effectively for our patients.

Whilst we have maintained appointments for urgent patients with eye conditions throughout the pandemic, we have had to reduce the level of non-urgent services we have provided during this time.

We have begun to offer appointments in different ways where appropriate, such as telephone and video consultations. We are unable to offer large numbers of in-person appointments at the Bristol Eye Hospital due to the strict social distancing guidelines which have reduced the capacity of our waiting rooms.

However, we have been looking at ways to see more people in person where possible and appropriate in a way that adheres to the strict social distancing requirements. We are now in a position to offer you an in person assessment, as outlined in your appointment letter.


Why is the appointment not taking place at Bristol Eye Hospital?

We have taken all steps to ensure that appointments at Bristol Eye Hospital are safe. However, to adhere to strict social distancing requirements, we are unable to accommodate large numbers of appointments at the eye hospital.

We've looked at other ways to offer these non-urgent appointments, including telephone and video consultations where appropriate.

Where we need to take images and do tests, like we will for your appointment, we need to offer these in person. We looked at other locations where we can safely offer these appointments, whilst adhering to the social distancing requirements, and because the Research and Education Centre is so close to the eye hospital, we felt it was a good location.


What will happen at the appointment?

This appointment will involve the usual tests that you have had when you had appointments with us in the past and this will usually include an image of your eye. It is likely to involve some eye drops to dilate your pupil. We advise you not to drive to the hospital as the drops to dilate your pupil can cause temporary blurring of vision. 

If you are taking any prescribed medication, it is important to continue with this as normal.

Please bring any glasses that you wear with you.

You will not see a doctor on the day; this appointment will only collect information about your eye condition. All the diagnostic tests you need will be performed by one of the Bristol Eye Hospital's specialist technicians.

Please come alone to your appointment, unless you need a carer.

If you develop symptoms or have recently tested positive for COVID-19 prior to your appointment please contact the number on the enclosed invite letter.

The information and images collected at your appointment will be reviewed by a team of specialists after the day of your appointment. Depending on the review you will either receive:

  • a letter confirming that there is no change to your condition or treatment
  • a telephone appointment to discuss anything that needs further clarity
  • an appointment to see a specialist for your condition