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How we can help you

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The learning disability and autistic spectrum condition (ASC) team can help with the following:

  • To ensure equal access to healthcare for people with a learning disability and ASC.

  • Inform hospital staff about any needs you may have before you go into hospital. Staff will make reasonable adjustments for your care.

  • We talk to you and your parents or carers about your hospital appointment and find out about your needs.

  • We can show you and your parents or carers around the hospital and where to go for an appointment. We can take you to meet staff.

  • If you are a carer and would like support we could refer you to the Carer Liaison Worker.

  • The team aim to support you with your outpatient appointments if required, as well as longer stays in hospital.

  • We can make sure that when you leave hospital, you and your parents or carers have the information you need