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Shan Su

VOL Shan Su

Meet Shan Su, one of our invaluable mealtime volunteers here at UH Bristol.

The role involves spending time with patients who need encouragement or help to eat.

Shan has been volunteering on ward A400 at Bristol Royal Infirmary since the beginning of the year and told us she's found it to be a very rewarding role.

"When I help an elderly patient to eat even just one more bite I think, and I hope, that this helps them to recover soon." she said.

"There was a time when a lady asked me if I was a student nurse. I answered, 'no, I am just a mealtimes volunteer'. However, a nurse said with smile 'you shouldn't say 'just' a volunteer.' All the patients in the room smiled at me and I felt really cheerful. I think I will always remember this and I will never say I am 'just' a volunteer again."

There are a variety of volunteering roles within our hospitals, all with the aim of helping to make patients' and visitors' time here a bit easier.

"Don't hesitate, just come and join us," added Shan, "every small thing you do might help a lonely patient."

Find out more about our volunteering opportunities here.