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Nurses Day 2017

Nursing and Midwifery Recognition Awards

Nursing / Midwifery Assistant of the Year

Winner - Beth Melksham, nursing assistant, ward D603, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre

Beth Melksham

Although she hasn't been on the ward for very long, Beth has been singled out by families praising her care during difficult times in their lives. She provides outstanding compassion to patients with cancer and shows enormous courage, bringing energy and positivity to the ward every day. 

Nursing and Midwifery Team Award

Winner - Ward C808 nursing team, Bristol Heart Institute

ward c808

Ward C808 are leading the way in caring for older adults. They work collaboratively together as a MDT, ensuring the highest standards of care for complex patients in often challenging circumstances. The team are always looking to improve their patients and their families experiences and safety and are enthusiastic to new initiatives & developing services.

Rising Star Award

Winner - Deb Marriage, paediatric respiratory and allergy clinical nurse specialist, Bristol children's hospital

Deb Marriage

Deb provides clinical leadership for the whole children's allergy service with direction and innovation. Alongside her CNS role, she has successfully been elected as lead of the nursing group at the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, making a difference at a national level. Alongside this she has completed a Professional Doctorate in Health, significantly improving our understanding of the practical management of food allergies in children.

Inspirational Leader Award

Winner - Salena Williams,team manager, liaison psychiatry, medicine division

Salena Williams

Salena has created a culture of responsiveness, kindness, and thoughtfulness.  Managing a team of highly skilled clinicians with a light touch, she drives change at every level.  She is supportive to all members of staff, encouraging them to pursue excellence.  Salena has completed nationally recognised research and translated it into reality, all while providing excellent patient care.

Above & Beyond Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner - Elizabeth Hopkins, registered nurse, ward A602, Bristol Royal Infirmary

Elizabeth Hopkins

Lizzy has gone beyond what is expected of her by developing and implementing a care plan to improve the oral hygiene of patients. This will ultimately help to reduce chest infections and identify mouth conditions sooner, all down to her informative posters and sheer enthusiasm.