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Research specialities and facilities

Current arrangements at UH Bristol support research running alongside clinical care. We have a number of research units for both management/co-ordinator of studies and research delivery units. These are:

Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC) Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

The BHOC CTU is located on the top floor of the BHOC, and comprises a large team of trial co-ordinators, research nurses and research radiographers. Research active consultants are not co-located with the research management/co-ordination staff.

Bristol Eye Hospital (BEH) Retinal Research Unit

This is a purpose-built unit located in BEH and operates seamlessly with the clinical service to deliver research. There is a strong link with Moorfields Eye Hospital; the BEH hosts one of the three themes of the Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

Medical and Surgical Research Unit

The Medical Research team (formally JCRU) and the Surgical Research team are now known as the Medical and Surgical Research Unit and are based at B501 - level 5, Zone B of the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI). 

Intensive Care Unit (referred to as ITU) Research
ITU Research Nurses and Consultants are based in the clinical area; nurses rotate through clinical/research work patterns, integrating clinical and research services.

Academic Rheumatology Unit
This is located in the Rheumatology department and delivers rheumatology studies from there.

Stroke Research Office
This is located alongside the clinical stroke unit and patients are identified and recruited into trials from there.

Emergency Department (ED) Research
Research in the ED, with patients identified and recruited there.

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC)
UH Bristol hosts the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) located on level 6 of the Education & Research Centre, which employs a team of paediatric research nurses and a small core management team to deliver medicines trials in children.
The Western Comprehensive Local Research Network (WCLRN) funds non-medicines research nurses, located both on level 6 of the Education & Research Centre and embedded in the Children's Hospital A&E Department
A new paediatric research facility planned for the time of the specialist paediatrics relocation to UH Bristol; this is in planning with the divisional management team and relevant consultants.

Diagnostics and Therapies (D&T)
The services in D&T run out of their clinical locations, and there is no special research provision for these departments in supporting trials; with the exception of:

  • BIRCH (Bioengineering, Innovation & Research Hub) is located in St Michael's Hospital and acts as a hub for a small group of research active clinical scientists)
  • USTAR (Unit for Supporting Trials and Research) is located on levels 8 & 9 of the Queen's Building and provides a comprehensive laboratory service to researchers within and outside the Trust