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Current grants

RCF & Above and Beyond 

Information about recently-awarded and ongoing grants.

New grants

Details of grants awarded in the Autumn 2016 funding round will be published here as they become live.

Chief Investigator

Funding stream

Title and link to grant details


Total Awarded

Dr Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci & Dr Iwan Harries A&B Autumn 2016 Improved Risk Stratification in Patients with Haematological Malignancy by Novel Imaging and Biomarkers - a Pilot Study Apr-17 to Apr-19 £20,000
Steven Dixon A&B Autumn 2016 Does 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) prevent colorectal cancer progression by targeting cancer stem cells? Apr-17 to Mar-19 £19,438
Dr Gustavo Guida A&B Autumn 2016 The impact of acute shear stress on venous endothelial cells inflammation and interaction with circulating white blood cells Apr-17 to Mar-18 £6,249

Dr Nikki Jeal

RCF Autumn 2016 Feasibility study of an intervention to reduce illicit drug use in female drug dependent street sex workers May-17 to Oct-18 £14,166

Jonathan Rees

RCF Autumn 2016 Developing consensus with health professionals and policy makers to define a core outcome set for emergency general surgery: preliminary work to inform an NIHR programme grant May-17 to Apr-18 £15,850

Dr Matthew Thomas

RCF Autumn 2016 Cluster randomised comparison of the effectiveness of 100% oxygen versus titrated oxygen in patients with a sustained return of spontaneous circulation following out of hospital cardiac arrest Mar-17 to Oct-17 £5,996


Ongoing grants

Please click on the links below to view grant details.

Chief Investigator

Funding stream

Title and link to grant details


Total Awarded

Vanessa Garratt

Above and Beyond Spring 2016

The experiences of children and young people in adjusting to cardiac surgery sternal scars

Nov-16 to Mar-18


Dr Praveen Kumar

Above and Beyond Spring 2016

Can Lycra sleeves prevent glenohumeral subluxation and improve arm function in people with stroke - A preliminary study to inform a future clinical trial/s?

Nov-16 to Oct-18


Dr David Hall

Above and Beyond Spring 2016

Quantified Ventilation-Perfusion Lung SPECT/CT To Guide Treatment In Emphysema

Sep-16 to Aug-17


Professor Adam Finn

RCF Spring 2016

Randomized controlled trial comparing efficacy of inactivated influenza vaccine with live attenuated intranasal flu vaccine in previously multiply immunised healthcare workers

Jun-16 to Jun-17


Dr Kieron Rooney

Above and Beyond Autumn 2015

Does a ketogenic diet reduce delirium in Intensive Care?  Part 1: - A feasibility study to test if a ketogenic diet causes ketosis in patients on Intensive Care

May-17 to Jul-17


Dr Emma Robinson

Above and Beyond Autumn 2015

Development and validation of a new approach to testing reward processing and apathy in patients with psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders

Mar-16 to Feb-18


Dr Philip Clamp

Above and Beyond Autumn 2015

Risk factors for the development of paediatric chronic middle ear pathology. A prospective longitudinal cohort study

Jan-16 to  Jul-17


Dr Charlotte Bradbury

Above and Beyond Autumn 2015

Detecting antibody target to improve diagnosis and prediction of treatment responses in patients with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)

Mar-16 to Apr-18


Dr Priyanka Mehta

Above and Beyond Autumn 2014

Feasibility of early prediction of response to cytarabine in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) patients to improve quality and duration of patient outcome (PRIMAL Study)

Feb-16 to Sep-17


Prof. Athimalaipet Ramanan

RCF Autumn 2014

Investigation of potential genetic biomarkers of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO)

Jun-15 to Dec-17


Dr Georgina Russell

Above and Beyond Spring 2014

Cognitive and emotional effects of different patterns of glucocorticoid replacement therapy in Addison's and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Feb-15 to Dec-17


Dr Mustafa Zakkar

Above and Beyond Spring 2014

Endothelial and smooth muscle cells cross talk under acute high shear stress and vein grafts failure

Sep-14 to Oct-17


Mr Steve Blake

Above and Beyond Spring 2014

A pilot study of the use of MRI scans to plan the escalation of radiotherapy dose to the dominant tumour(s) within the prostate

Jul-15 to Jan-18


Dr Guido Pieles

Above and Beyond Spring 2013

Right ventricular function in patient with congenital heart disease during exercise

Jun-13 to Oct-17


Dr Ansa Akram

Above and Beyond Spring 2013

Quality of life in patients with cleft lip and palate

Jul-13 to Apr-17


Dr Jonathan Brooks

RCF Spring 2013

Measuring the impact of central processing on painful diabetic neuropathy

Jan-14 to Dec-15