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Completed grants

RCF & Above and Beyond (A&B)

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Chief Investigator Funding stream Title and link to grant details Dates Total Awarded

Pauline Humphrey

RCF Autumn 2016

Development of an intervention to reduce distress during and after brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer

Jan-17 to Apr-17


Dr Ema Swingwood

RCF Autumn 2016

How does peak cough flow and cough augmentation techniques correlate with respiratory outcomes and quality of life in neuromuscular patients?

Feb-17 to May-17


Dr Colin Chu A&B Autumn 2015 Developing novel gene therapy for treatment of glaucoma Feb-16 to May-17 £19,583
Kristyn Manley A&B Spring 2015 The use of HPV genotyping in the management of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in women with unsatisfactory colposcopy Jul-15 to Dec-16 £14,215
Dr Carey McClellan A&B Autumn 2015 Electrotherapy in acute bleed management due to Haemophilia: should we be using it at UHBristol? Jan-16 to Mar-17 £15,650
Dr Cathy Williams RCF Spring 2015 A project to design, validate and pilot simple, easy-to-use clinical tools for the objective assessment of eye movements in children (an i4i application) Jan-15 to Aug-15 £18,450
Dr Emma Dures RCF Spring 2015 The development of a one-to-one fatigue self-management intervention delivered by nurses in the rheumatology team to patients with inflammatory arthritis Jan-16 to Dec-16 £19,999
Dr Paddy Horner RCF Autumn 2014 Bacterial proteins in the semen of men and infertility Apr-15 to Aug-16 £18,611
Prof Fiona Cramp RCF Autumn 2015 Managing fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis using a physical activity intervention: a feasibility study Jan-16 to Jul-16 £4,685
Laura Birch RCF Spring 2014 Dietary manipulation to improve glycaemic control in young people with cystic fibrosis related diabetes Sep-15 to Apr-17 £18,958
Ms Kate Beckett RCF Spring 2014 Research implementation briefings (RIB): a strategy for turning evidence from academic exercise to clinical reality - the example of the injured patient's psychological needs. Oct-14 to Jul-15 £11,916
Professor Jonathan Benger RCF Autumn 2015 The Cardiac Arrest Individual Registry and Outcomes (CAIRO) Programme Sep-15 to May-16 £18,965
Dr Madeleine Tooley A&B Spring 2015 A search for the molecular mechanism of cerebro-costo-mandibular syndrome: from the patient to the laboratory and back Aug-15 to Feb-16 £18,366
Dr Sarah Clarke A&B Autumn 2014 Functional validation of a novel mediator of glucocorticoid receptor action in pro-inflammatory CD4+ T cells Mar-15 to Sep-15 £7,800
Dr Charlotte Bradbury A&B Spring 2014 Global tests of blood clotting during asparaginase treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (GlobALL) Jan-15 to Dec-15 £19,399
Dr Peter Collins RCF Spring 2014 Validation of a novel bioassay to predict survival in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis Oct-14 to Sep-15 £16,856
Julia Sarginson A&B Autumn 2013 The MISTIC Study into Children's Burns Jan-14 to Jul-15 £4,720
John Armitage RCF Autumn 2013 Natural polymer derived scaffolds for corneal prostheses Jan-14 to May-15 £17,561
Dr Amber Young RCF Autumn 2013 Evaluation of pathways for initial management of small paediatric scalds Apr-14 to Sep-14 £19,476
Dr Sarah Voss RCF Autumn 2013 Recognising and responding to cognitive impairment in emergency care: a pump priming project Mar-14 to Mar-15 £17,547
Dr Martin Lewis A&B Spring 2013 Novel strategies to protect the immature heart against reperfusion injury Feb-14 to Jan-15 £8,375
Mr Michael Thomas A&B Spring 2013 Modulating the role of prostaglandins colorectal cancer stem cells survival Apr-14 to Oct-14 £19,375
Judith Edwards RCF Spring 2013 Effects of electrical muscle stimulation physical functional outcomes in patients receiving prolonged mechanical ventilation Oct-13 to Jul-14 £14,751
Mojtaba Dorri RCF Spring 2013 Investigation of effectiveness of sealing proximal (between teeth) dental decay Jul-13 to Feb-15 £19,895
Raj Persad RCF Spring 2013 What factors influence dietary intake in men with prostate cancer? Apr-14 to Mar-15 £4,836