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This research area is led by Dr Charlotte Atkinson, under the guidance of Professor Andy Ness. The workstream is supported by Dr Georgia Herbert (Research Associate) and Dr Clare England (Senior Research Associate), and has two full-time PhD students, Ms Eleanor Shingler and Ms Alex Mitchell

The overall aim of this research area is to develop nutrition-based interventions that can ultimately improve outcomes in people who have / are undergoing hospital treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy.

We specifically aim to: 

  1. Study the role of diet (specifically fasting or fasting-mimetic intereventions) at the time of chemotherapy. 
  2. Identify suitable dietary interventions for pilot testing in people with a stoma.
  3. Assess the role of low iodine diets in people undergoing radio-iodine ablation.
  4. Explore whether tolerance of anti-cancer chemotherapy could be improved if sarcopenia is considered.

This workstream builds on the work conducted as part of the peri-operative nutrition theme of the Bristol Nutrition BRU.

Perioperative Theme Photos