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This research area is led by Professor Richard Martin and  Dr Athene Lane from the Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences, supported by Dr Lucy Hackshaw-McGeagh (Senior Research Associate in Cancer) and Meda Sandu (PhD student). A steering group of clinicians (urology, oncology), laboratory and population scientists, and qualitative researchers has been set up and meets on a quarterly basis.  We have a longstanding, successful prostate cancer Patient and Public Involvement group, involving six prostate cancer survivors.

The overall aim of work is to use our strengths in discovery science to provide integrated biological, behavioural and methodological understanding in this area. Specifically, we aim to conduct feasibility studies in men with prostate cancer, undergoing a range of treatment pathways, to inform trials testing the hypothesis that exercise (including wearable technology) or metformin improve their metabolic status through changes in hormone levels and growth factors that affect tumour progression. We will examine whether these effects are associated with improved recovery from surgery and reduced adverse effects of treatment. We will explore whether genetic instruments we discovered that predict adverse metabolomic or metabolically-related epigenetic marks can identify men most likely to benefit from interventions.

Exercise & Nutrition Prostate Cancer