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Investigator-led commercial grants

Companies that commission clinical research (see Commercial Research) will sometimes also award money on an ad hoc basis to investigators. This type of award is known as an investigator-led commercial grant.

There are no specific application forms, however, the research needs to be fully funded and peer-reviewed to the same standard as any other grant, and the investigator needs to check that all other resources are also available.

R&I can help cost these studies but it is essential that you do not agree to a set amount of funding before submitting a cost outline to R&I. We can also send the protocol for peer review, but this should be done before funding is agreed with the company.

These awards often involve negotiation between the researcher, company, and UH Bristol, so please come and talk to us early on before submitting your research for approval.


Jake Harley or 0117 34 20229
Elinor Griffiths or 0117 34 20585