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Process for submitting grants through UH Bristol

For grants submitted through UH Bristol, you need to get it approved by either R&I Finance (for NIHR grants) or your Divisional Finance Manager (for other grants).

Even if the grant will be submitted by a university, it is important that the NHS costs are included in the application and that these are correctly allocated. Whilst grant funding may be paid into a university, account arrangements must be put in place to refund the NHS any eligible costs (usually through your divisional finance manager).

Process for submitting NIHR grant applications through UH Bristol

All of our NIHR grants are held centrally, and managed by the R&I Research Accountant, Liz Wilkinson:

You need to contact us early on - costing a grant application always takes longer than you think, and it is important to ensure that the grant will cover the full costs of the research. We ask that you contact us at least a month before the deadline, and earlier is better. The costs of all grants need to be accurate, and you need to ensure that any external organisations have supplied their costs.

All grants need to be signed off by the UH Bristol Financial Director, usually one week after submission. However, the costs need to be checked and agreed prior to submission (otherwise the  grant cannot be signed off), and we need at least a week to check the costs are accurate.

More details on the process of submitting grant applications (timelines and good practice tips).

Process for submitting non-NIHR grant applications through UH Bristol

Grants awarded by charities are held in your Division, and you should contact your Divisional Finance Manager (DFM) who can help with costs, and who will need to sign off the grant application. Again it is important to contact them early in the process. The R&I Research Grants Manager can also advise on what needs to be costed, and whether the costs need to be split into research, support and treatment costs. Contact