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Application process

Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)

Applications for the approval of research in the NHS are now conducted through the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) On creating a new study within IRAS you will be asked a number of filter questions. Depending on your responses a suite of project specific application forms will be created. 

When any of the individual forms are selected a tab titled Submission will be visible. The Submission tab will detail the submission process to each of the relevant agencies, additional more detailed guidance can be found in the FAQs within IRAS.

Please note: in most cases the form will not be submitted directly from the system and it will be necessary to post or email the form and accompanying documents to the relevant agency.

As well as a submission tab, each form will also have a Checklist tab.  Here you will be able to complete a project specific checklist of the documents which should accompany the application form.

There is a lot of help available within the IRAS system with a section of FAQs, guidance notes for the completion of each question, prompts when responses to filter questions appear inconsistent as well as an online tutorial on how to use the system.