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Primary care unit

What we do

At the Primary Care Unit we provide an emergency service for patients who are not registered with a dentist.  The service is available from Monday to Friday before 10.00am (doors open at 8.00am) and is provided by supervised dental students on a predominantly first come first served basis.

We attempt to see all patients who attend but this is not always possible. You may have a long wait to see somebody. Children and those with severe oral dental problems are usually given priority.

If you are currently under treatment from your own dentist we are unable to accept you for treatment unless you have a referral letter from them.

If accepted for assessment that day, you will either be allocated a patient treatment slot or asked to wait and see a nurse who will either allocate you a treatment slot or give advice as to where you may be treated.

If you are accepted for treatment, please be patient. You are allocated to a particular student or staff member so it may appear that patients who arrived after you are being seen before you. This depends upon patients presenting problems and the speed at which staff can see and treat their allocated patients.