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No news is good news - Result now available by TEXT


If you have provided us with your mobile number and agreed to receive texts - your results will be texted to you when they become available.

Otherwise we operate a system of  'No news is good news' which means if you don't hear anything from us within three weeks following your visit, you can assume all of your results are negative.

We also have a safety net system, to ensure all results have been received from tests taken and we can contact you if we need to.

Please be aware that we cannot contact you if you do not give us an up-to-date telephone number or agree to post. If you choose to give us no contact details it is your responsibility to visit the clinic to check your results and be treated if necessary.


Worried about your results?

Some people prefer to attend clinic and see their results themselves. You are welcome to do this at any time the clinic is open. Please be aware that at times the clinic can be busy and you may have to wait behind people with booked appointments. You need to approach the reception desk and state you would like to see your results. The receptionist will ask you to take a seat and put them through to the health advisor when they become available. The health advisor will call you through to a private room, to ensure your confidentiality, and discuss your results with you.

You are welcome to bring a partner to see your results but you will be seen alone at first to receive your results and with your permission the health advisor will ask your partner to join you.

We are unable to give you any results if you telephone the clinic.