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IUS fitting advice

Your IUS fitting appointment - advice for women

If you are currently using the combined contraceptive pill, progestogen‑only pill, injection or implant; the IUS can be fitted at any convenient time. If you are not using one of these you may like to consider using one just in the short term, as this will make arranging your fitting appointment much easier.

If you are currently using condoms, a diaphragm, 'natural methods'; there are alternatives arrange the fitting appointment within seven days of your period starting. If you cannot arrange a fitting within seven days of your period starting, you can abstain altogether from sexual intercourse (from the first day of your period) and then the IUS can be fitted at any convenient time. This advice is necessary because we need to be certain at the time that the IUS is fitted that you are not in the very early stages of pregnancy or conception.

*If you have problems with following the above advice, please phone and ask to speak to the clinic doctor or nurse. The receptionist cannot give contraceptive advice.

If you are arranging to have your IUS/IUD removed and another refitted, this can be done on any day but we strongly recommend that you abstain from sex or use a condom for the seven days before the fitting. This is to ensure that, in the rare event that it is not possible to fit a new device after the original one is removed, there are no sperm in your body that could result in a pregnancy. If you are unwilling to take this risk you must abstain or use condoms for the seven days before the appointment.

We suggest you have a 'pain-killer' at least half an hour before the fitting. This will reduce the 'cramps' you may get after the fitting. Also please ensure that you have not skipped any meals before your fitting or you will be more likely to experience dizziness and fainting. 

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