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Multidisciplinary team

What is the Multi-Disciplinary Team?

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of members of staff with specialist training and experience of the diagnosis and management of cancer. The idea behind an MDT meeting is to streamline and improve continuity of care, with everyone being informed of the overall picture and included in decision making about your treatment.

Members of the cancer MDT

The membership of the MDT will depend on your cancer type (breast or bowel as an example), however, it will have core members such as:

• Surgeons

• Physicians

• Palliative care consultants

• Consultant oncologists (specialists in cancer care who oversee treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy)

• Consultant histopathologist (who looks at tissues and cells under the microscope)

• Consultant radiologists (who look at scans and x-rays)

• Cancer clinical nurse specialists (keyworker)

• MDT co-ordinator (who organises the meetings)

MDT meetings

The MDT meeting is held usually every week to discuss individual patients and their treatment. The MDT may discuss patients at any point in their cancer pathway for example:

• After having a biopsy

• After having a test (eg a scan)

• After completing a course of treatment

• If new symptoms develop

MDT decisions

Once the MDT agrees the treatment plan, an appointment is made for you to discuss this plan. In some instances the discussions using all the information about your case may alter the diagnosis.

If you need to access a member of the MDT to discuss your treatment, or if you require further information about any aspect of your diagnosis or care, you may contact your Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Treatment at other hospitals

Depending on your cancer type your treatment may well be carried out in different parts of this hospital, for example Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC).