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Meet the team

Clinical nurse specialists

Contact via Tel: 0117 342 3004 or Bleep 2049 (via Switchboard)


We work office hours mon-fri. We are in clinic 9-5 on Monday and Wed, Thurs, Fri mornings. It is usually easier to reach us in the afternoons.

Ruth Harding


Ruth Harding






 Carly Pilinger




Karen Clement

Macmillan Cancer Support Workers




Gemma Wham and Racheal Williams



 tel: 0117 34 21526

Oesophago gastric team

Contact via Secretaries  Tel: 0117 342 4007 or Tel: 0117 342 4942


Mr Andy Hollowood



Jane Blazeby



Professor Jane M Blazeby



Paul Barham



Mr Paul Barham



Chris Streets



Mr Christopher G Streets



Dan Titcomb




Mr Dan Titcomb





Mr Paul Wilkerson

Hepatobiliary team

Contact via Secretaries  Tel: 0117 342 4094 or Tel: 0117 342 4595

Meg Finch-Jones


Mrs Margaret Finch-Jones



Ian Pope


Mr Ian M Pope  



Andy Strickland


Mr A Strickland




Mr Jonathan Rees 




Contact via Secretaries  Tel: 0117 342 3316

Peter Collins


Peter Collins


Jim Portal


Jim Portal



Vicky Hunt




Palliative care 

Karen Forbes


Professor Karen Forbes


Dr Collette Reid

Ward A800


tel: 0117 342 7800


Tom Lander


Tom Landers


tel: 0117 342 3030

Oncologists - 0117 34 22415

Steve Falk


Steve Falk



Adam Dangoor


Adam Dangoor



Gareth Ayre


MDT coordinators

Tracy Smart (HPB) tel: 0117 342 7649


Roland Chmielewski (OG)

tel: 0117 342 0624

 UGI waiting list officer

tel: 0117 342 2199