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Get Active

Here are 10 tips to Get Active and stay active from Macmillan cancer support.

1) Keep in mind the benefits of becoming more active, and what you hope to achieve.

2) Set goals you can ahieve at your own pace.  Whether that's being more active around the house, going for a walk or participating in a class, make sure it's the right goal for you.

3) Gradually build up how much you do.

4) Keep a record of how active you've been and how you feel after being active so you can see your progress. Try using the activity diary included in our pack to help.

5) Share your plans with other people who are supportive.

6) Try being with other people, such as family and friends, or join a group or club.

7) Make sure the activities you do are fun and enjoyable.

8) Don't be disheartened if you don't achieve a planned goal.  Think about what went wrong, and set a new goal.

9) As you find you can do more, try a new activity.  Some people find trying a variety of activities help.

10) Remember you can ask for advice from your cancer specialist or GP if you have any questions about becoming more active.  They may refer you to an exercise specialist or physiotherapist.

Please look on our patient information page for further information about exercise.