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British Liver Trust
The Trust has dedicated resources for people with liver disease. Their aim is to reach out to as many people as possible by providing information and support, and lobbying for the services people with liver disease need.
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In order to provide the best quality of care as locally as possible, we run, in conjunction with our transplant partners at the Royal Free Hospital (London), an established liver transplant service.  Patients are assessed for transplantation with the majority of their work-up performed in Bristol. Patients are transplanted at the Royal Free and returned after the operation to be followed up at Bristol. All pre transplant care is provided locally to minimise unnecessary travel to London. A transplant clinic is run weekly for pre- ,peri- and post-transplant patients by a consultant and transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist. Stable patients following their transplant are reviewed in a quarterly transplant clinic attended by transplant physicians from The Royal Free Hospital, London.

Liver transplant assessment clinic: Friday 2-5pm

Joint Liver transplant Clinics with Royal Free: 3 monthly

Liver transplant Specialist Nurse clinics: Tuesday and Friday 2-5pm