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Combined clinic

What is the clinic?

The combined clinic offers an opportunity for the patient's problem to be assessed by several dermatologists at once. Patients can only be referred by a dermatologist.

How do patients get to the clinic?

You would be referred by the dermatologist looking after you.

What happens at the clinic?

It is held on Friday afternoons in the Bristol Dermatology Centre.

When you arrive you will be taken to a clinic room by one of the nursing staff. Outside this room there will be summary of your case history. You will be asked questions and your skin examined. The doctors then gather in a seminar room to discuss the patients invited to that clinic. Afterwards your dermatologist or another member of the team will summarize for you the views of the dermatologists who have met you. You may be in the department for an hour or more.

What happens next?

A plan will be made which might include further investigations and a change in treatment. A letter will be sent to your GP. A further outpatient visit may be arranged for you if this is necessary.