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Camouflage clinic

What is the clinic?

Skin camouflage is a service which is run by trained skin camouflage practitioners in the Bristol Dermatology Centre. It is a service for adults and children who require advice and help regarding covering or disguising scars, birthmarks and many other skin conditions such as rosacea, vitiligo, acne marks, psoriasis and many other skin conditions.

How do patients get to the clinic?

If you would like an appointment or be referred to this clinic a referral letter from your dermatology doctor or GP is required.

What happens at the clinic?

The skin camouflage clinic is run on a Tuesday and a Thursday and your appointment can last up to 1 hour.  Trained staff work with you to find the appropriate products and provide advice and best methods of application.  

Skin camouflage creams are colour matched to your skin toning to allow a natural cover.  All ranges used offer additional advantages that provide lightweight, long lasting effects. These creams are specially formulated products are also waterproof that allows normal daily living activities such as bathing and swimming. Many of these products also contain sun protection factors.  It is important to note that we can only colour match to the colour of your skin at the time of your consultation. It is advisable that your tone is as natural as possible. We advise that you do not use sun beds or fake tans prior to your appointment.

These products are then prescribed, making the benefits of camouflage inexpensive, non-invasive and effective.

Further use of these products may be prescribed by your GP or skin camouflage practitioner. There is a large range of products available on prescription.

What happens next?

The majority of patients are discharged from our clinic but some patients are given an patient initiated follow up which is live for six months as some patients skin colour tone may change with the seasons.