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Cleft Team

 The members of the South West Cleft Service team:

Sarah_Boulton_Thumbnail Diane_Bell_Thumbnail
Sarah Boulton, Specialist Dental Nurse Diane Bell, Specialist Dental Nurse
Scott_Deacon_Thumbnail Julia_Cadogan_Thumbnail

Scott Deacon, Clinical Lead, Lead Consultant Orthodontist

Julia Cadogan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Rhiannon_Jones_Thumbnail Cathy_Marsh_Thumbnail
Rhiannon Jones, Dental Therapist Cathy Marsh, Lead Specialist Cleft Nurse
Alistair Cobb_Thumbnail Charlotte Gibb_Thumbnail
Alistair Cobb, Consultant Cleft Surgeon Charlotte Gibb, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
Anne_Roberts_Thumbnail Peter_Revington_Thumbnail
Anne Roberts, Lead Speech and Language Therapist Peter Revington, Consultant Cleft Surgeon
Lisa Thompson, Specialist Cleft Nurse