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We run many clinics in our department and although most are on Level 3, the orange floor, at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children some specialist clinics that involve other teams are located either on Level 7 in the Physiotherapy department or on Level 3 in the Radiology department.  

Please allow plenty of time, up to 2 hours, for your visit as you may need to visit several places such as our plaster room or X-ray department and it can take a long time.


Always check your letters to make sure you go to the correct place and bring it with you. These clinics are very busy and run every day on Level 3 in the Out Patients Department. If you are unsure of where to go, or cannot attend your appointment, please call the following numbers:

Fracture Clinic: 01173428887

Elective clinic (when your GP has referred you): 01173427953

Waiting list coordinator (regarding an operation): 0117328440


Fracture Clinic - if you've injured a bone or joint

If you are coming to meet us for the first time, an appointment will be made for you on a weekday morning and we try to see you within a week of your injury or in the next vacant appointment.

If you are returning for follow-up after an emergency operation or for review, you will have an afternoon appointment and the day will be dependent on the consultant whose care you are under, please see below.

Monday       Miss Knight

Tuesday      Miss Clarke / Mr Barnes

Wednesday Mr Atherton / Mr Thomas

Thursday    Mr Monsell / Mr McBride

Friday        these only run during the peak months

Most of the clinics will have a Registrar and a Trauma Nurse Specialists in the clinic, they work closely with the Consultant in charge.  You will see the consultant or one of their team during your visit.  



Elective Clinics - if you've been referred by your GP

These run most days but can also take a long time if tests are needed to be completed on your visit. Please leave plenty of time.

Monday am        Osteogenesis Clinic

Monday pm        DDH clinic Level 3 Radiology Department

Tuesday am        CTEV clinic Level 7 Physiotherapy Department

Tuesday pm        Elective Clinic Level 3

Wednesday am   Frame Clinic BRI

                         CTEV clinic Level 7 Physiotherapy Department

Friday am        Elective clinic Level 3 BRHC

                   Combined Neuromuscular Clinic Level 7 Physiotherapy Department