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For patients with disabilities

Bringing a child to hospital, whether planned or in an emergency is always difficult, but we know that for our patients with disabilities and complex needs it can be even more challenging, and a far more frequent occurrence.

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We aim to work with parents and carers of disabled and complex needs children to ensure that we can plan for their care as much as possible.  This may include agreeing the safest bed to sleep in, ensuring a hoist facility is available or arranging support from our play and music therapy teams.  There are a number of ways we can do this.


Our Lead Disability Specialist, Martyn Wood, and his support assistant, Shirley Thomas, can help you and the nursing team plan for an admission.  You can call them on 0117 342 8653 if you would like to discuss an admission or if you have questions or queries during your stay which cannot be answered by the ward team.

You can also email us at 


This page is designed to help you find the information you need on our website quickly and easily and flag the services which are designed to offer you extra support.


We would like parents and carers to help us develop this page - if there is information that you feel it would be useful to add please let us know.

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The hospital passport makes sure we have the practical information we need to support you and your child during a visit or admission.  If you are a blude badge holder, this also gives you access to an extended drop-off permit, which will make it easier for you to drop off and collect your child for an admission or appointment

Our play team can offer support with distraction and activities which are appropriate to your child's capacity and needs.

The LIAISE family support team can help you and your family with practical and emotional support during your stay.

The Disabled Children's Working Group welcomes input from parents and carers and patients about how we can make the hospital experience better for those with disabilities or complex needs.  There is an open invitation to our Advisory meetings or you can give us your feedback via email or telephone if this is easier.  We also run an annual family event to encourage families to work with us to decide the priorities for the year ahead.  Please contact LIAISE if you would like to know more or read last years report.

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If you are a blude badge holder and also have a hospital passport, please contact the LIAISE team to request your drop-off zone parking pass, which will extend the time you can use the drop-off area.The hospital building is fully accessible with lifts and disabled facilities on every floor.  There is a Changing Place on Level 5 for older patients who are visiting outpatients and also a facility in the BRI Welcome Centre.