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X-rayX-rays create special pictures to help the doctors see what is going on inside your body.  They can see your bones, your muscles and even things like your heart and lungs to check they are working properly. 

X-rays can be done on the ward with our mobile X-ray machine but usually take place in the X-ray department on level 3 (the orange floor).  The pictures will be taken by a special photographer called a radiographer.

Depending on which part of the body needs to be X-rayed, you may need to lie on a special bed or sit in a chair.  The camera will usually take images of quite a small part of you.  The radiographer might also take a few different pictures to make sure that they get the information that is needed.  Sometimes you might need to have a special drink beforehand to help things show up on the picture.  You'll need to stay quite still for the pictures to come out properly.

Most X-rays are available quite quickly on a special image machine.  We have one on every ward so if you want to see your X-rays, let your doctor know.  They will be able to explain to you what they mean and how they have helped them decide what treatment you need.