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Ward 35

It's okay to be worried about coming into hospital. 


This page is designed to tell you about our ward so you'll know what to expect when you arrive.


If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can call Lisa in LIAISE on 0117 342 8065 or ask someone else to call for you

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Ward 35 is on level 7 of the children's hospital which is the top floor.  It has been purpose built and designed especially for young people.  It has 14 beds and cares for young people aged 11 to 16.

When you arrive we may ask you whether you want to be with other patients your own age or with other boys or girls.  We will try to put you where you feel most comfortable but sometimes the care you need might mean this isn't possible.  You can ask your named nurse about this or look at our ebook which was designed by our Youth Council.The ward has 10 cubicles with en-suite bathrooms which are used for patients who may develop an infection.  There is also a 4 bedded bay with views across the city.

What about the staff?

Sarah is the ward sister and she is in charge of an experienced and committed nursing team. You will have a named nurse on each shift who will be responsible for looking after you, as well as two or three other patients.  You can ask them any questions you have and they will try to help you.  The staff wear polo shirts and trousers.

Patients on the ward have lots of different reasons for being there.  Some may need medical or surgical treatment, and others may be having oncology treatment for cancer.   Lots of different doctors will visit during the day so it can be quite busy.

The ward team will provide all of your meals and snacks too.  You will be asked each day what you would like to eat.  It's important that you have chance to eat properly so we ask the doctors not to come round at meal times - this is called 'protected mealtimes' and you will hear the housekeeper ring a big bell to warn people it's nearly lunchtime.  It would be helpful to ask visitors not to come at mealtimes unless they are going to help you eat.

You can find out more about what your friends and relatives can bring in for you on our food and drink page or in our ebook .

What can I do?

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There are 2 chill out rooms which can be used for socialising, using the computer or just relaxing. There's also a Wii, x-box and flat screen televisions.  One of the chill out rooms also doubles as a schoolroom during term-time, where you can keep up with your schooling.  You can chill in the Juke-Box room and play air hockey.

Televisions are in every bed space, and there are videos and dvds for different age groups, as well as books and lots of board games.  Ipads are also available to be borrow and Wi-Fi is available on request. The ward activity co-ordinator will help you find something to do if you get bored. 

Can parents or carers stay with me?

One parent or carer can stay on the ward overnight with you.  Parents, carers and patientscan use the kitchenette on the ward which has a fridge and microwave for their use.  A parents room is available to get some time on their own.  More information for parents and carers is available by following the link below:

Ward 35 image 4 Information for parents and carers

You are welcome to have other visitors from 8 o'clock in the morning until 8 o'clock at night.  If you are well enough and there is time between your medicines or seeing the doctor, your relatives may be able to take you out. There are lots of good cafes and shops nearby.


Can I come to see the ward before I come to stay?

If you still have questions about the ward or would like to arrange to visit us, you can contact the ward on 0117 342 8335.  If you need help with this, you can call LIAISE on 0117 342 8065.

Tell us what you think?

We'd like to hear your thoughts about your stay on ward 35. You can email us on or fill in this form.