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The Diagnostic Radiation Group provides scientific and technical support to clinical users of ionising and non-ionising radiation in the Bristol area, assisting them to provide a high quality and safe imaging or treatment service to their patients.

Medical imaging has a vital role in the management of many patients.  It is an evolving field, with new and improved imaging techniques coming into use, often requiring complex scanners and other equipment.

Imaging must be carried out in a way which minimises these risks, whilst still obtaining high quality images.  We work with medical staff, radiographers, engineers and other staff groups to achieve this. Among the hospitals we support are three acute Trusts, providing radiology services including specialist cardiac, neurological, screening mammography and children's centres.  We also support a number of smaller centres, including dental practices and private hospitals.

Some types of non-ionising radiation may also be used for treatment. UV light sources are used to treat some skin conditions, whilst laser radiation may be used in surgery, particularly on the eye.  These may also be hazardous unless accurately calibrated and correctly used.