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Latest News & Evidence Updates

We can provide you with personally tailored Evidence Update bulletins. These ensure you are up to date in evidence-based research in any topic of your choosing, including the latest systematic reviews and other articles, updated NICE guidance, and any practice changing research. We currently provide a number of these bulletins for departments and individuals throughout the hospital. 

If you would like an individual bulletin please click 'Knowledgeshare' below:


Bulletins by Department

These bulletins provide an overview of the latest evidence in each of the fields covered. We try and bring together the most relevant publications from a variety of sources, but make no claim to have included all possible material.

The bulletins are the property of the Library, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust. If you would like to distribute them beyond the Trust, please ask us first by emailing

Anaesthesia (Quarterly) April 2018

Burns (Quarterly) May 2018                                  

Cardiac Nurses: Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Quarterly) June 2018                      

Cardiac Nurses: Arrythmia (Quarterly) May 2018

Commissioning (Quarterly) March 2018

Community Children's Nursing (Quarterly) March/April 2018

Cystic Fibrosis (Bimonthly) May 2018

Dementia (Quarterly) April 2018             

Emergency Department: Adults (Quarterly) April 2018

Falls (Quarterly) April 2018

General Paediatrics (Bimonthly) May 2018

Gynaecology Oncology Nurses (Quarterly) May 2018

Haematology (Bimonthly) May 2018

Hand Rehabilitation (Quarterly) April 2018

Hydrotherapy (Quarterly) May 2018

ICU (Quarterly) April 2018

Infection Control (Quarterly) March 2018

Medical Education (Quarterly) March 2018

Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Liaison Psychiatry (Quarterly) May 2018

Musculoskeletal and Soft Tissue Clinic (Quarterly) March 2018

NICU (Quarterly) March 2018

Nutrition and Dietetics (Quarterly) May 2018

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Quarterly) April 2018

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Bimonthly) May 2018

Oral Medicine (Quarterly) April 2018

Orthogeriatrics (Quarterly) June 2018

Orthopaedics and Trauma (Quarterly) May 2018

Paediatric Allergy (Quarterly) March 2018

Paediatric Nurse Education (Quarterly) March 2018

Paediatric Nutrition (Quarterly) May 2018

Palliative Care (Quarterly) February 2018

Physiotherapy Outpatients (Quarterly) May 2018

PICU (Monthly) May 2018

Radiotherapy (Monthly) May 2018

Rehabilitation in Critical Care (Quarterly) May 2018

Restorative Dentistry (Bimonthly) April 2018

Rheumatology (Quarterly) March 2018

Sexual Health (Quarterly) June 2018

Special Care Dentistry (Quarterly) June 2018

Stroke Rehabilitation (Quarterly) March 2018

TB Clinic (Quarterly) February 2018


Grey Literature pages - coming soon!

Grey Literature is being increasingly recognised as an essential aspect of medical and clinical research but in many cases it still remains difficult to find, retrieve and assess. The Grey Literature pages will guide you through this tricky area to help you find appropriate and reliable evidence to support your evidence-based practice