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#FacesofUHBristol - Janice Bailey

Meet Janice Bailey, a pre-registration genetic counsellor. She worked on the ground-breaking 100,000 Genomes project, which in the West of England was led by UH Bristol with the aim of helping to gain a better understanding of the genetic causes of cancer and rare disease.

Janice is highlighting her role to as part of this year's Jeans for Genes campaign.

She said: "I have worked here in the clinical genetics department for three years, but I originally worked at UH Bristol when I first located to the West Country from London over 20 years ago when I was a staff nurse in the Cardiac Intensive Therapy Unit at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

"My first experience of the Trust was when my baby son was rushed as an emergency to the old children's hospital, the care we received was amazing and he is now a healthy 25-year-old.

"I started my nurse training in Kent in the 1980s and very soon became interested in looking after patients with heart conditions. After leaving Bristol I worked as an arrhythmia nurse specialist in Somerset for 12 years. My interest has been developing services for patients with inherited heart conditions and this led me to complete an associated Masters.

"I was lucky enough to work as a genomic practitioner on the 100,000 Genomes Project here at UH Bristol, where I met many inspirational patients and their families.

"I am now so excited to be continuing to work within the  Genetics Department here at UH Bristol and am now helping to mainstream  genomics into medicine and general healthcare for the benefit of all our patients whilst also training to be a genetic counsellor.

"This is a fantastic  opportunity helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and family implications of genetic conditions.

"I live in the beautiful countryside of the Somerset Levels and when I am not busy with my two roles I am usually down the allotment, dancing or cycling  round the lanes.

"I am keen to take part in the Jeans for Genes Day to help raise money for  Genetic Disorders UK to help improve the lives of the half a million children and adults living with a genetic disorder and raise awareness of genetic conditions."


Janice Bailey