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Safeguarding Children Vision & Standards

'Practitioners will listen to children's stories and make them feel powerful in the telling of them by acting upon what they say. When they are too young to tell us we will find other ways to understand what a day in their life is like' (BSCB 2014)

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is committed to safeguarding children, young people and the unborn baby, ensuring that promoting the welfare of children is embedded across every aspect of the Trust and in every aspect of it work.

  • The Trust is compliant with statutory responsibilities, national and local guidance, Care Quality Commission registration and standards. Evidence of compliance is reported quarterly and annually.
  • The Trust has in place clear lines of accountability, which are accessible and promoted to staff.
  • Staff are trained to the level appropriate to their role and responsibilities based on the Inter-collegiate document 2014 / Working Together 2013. (Commissioning Target 90%).
  • Safeguarding Children policies and procedures are in place in line with national and local guidance, and reviewed annually, including safe recruitment policies and procedures.
  • Processes are in place for the management of allegations against staff including the availability of a Trust Allegations Officer and in line with statutory guidance. Staff are encouraged to raise concerns.
  • All staff have access to Safeguarding Children Supervision or reflective practice appropriate to their role and responsibilities.
  • The Trust contributes to Serious Case Reviews and other multi agency reviews, developing action plans and monitoring their implementation.
  • Feedback will be sought from children, young people and their families about the quality of service provision.
  • Staff are fully engaged in multi- agency working, including information sharing to effectively safeguard children.
  • Incidents and complaints' will be reviewed and monitored to identify trends or patterns. Serious incidents will be reported to the Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Trust  'Safeguarding Children's Vision and Standards' outlines the safeguarding principles, aims and objectives of the Trust, and will underpin the services provided by the Trust in both Children's and Adult services.